Automatic Liquid Handling for precision sampling of human saliva

  • Automatic liquid handling system
  • Precision sampling of non-Newtownian fluids (saliva)
  • High Speed Vial Opening and Sample Extraction
  • Vision System of high precision level sensing
  • Fixed or dynamic volume extraction
  • 15 second cycle time (24 minutes for 96 well plate)
  • Built-in uncapping system
  • Manual handling, semi-automatic and fully automatic modes
  • Forward and reverse pipetting


VODBot ViSION is an automated liquid handling solution for processing analyte from individual screwcap vials, where the incoming volume of analyte (saliva) varies sample-by-sample, to microplate format. TaiCaan Technologies have developed VODBot ViSION following a partnership with the NHS (UK), to develop a solution for COVID-19 testing using human saliva.
ViSION precisely measures the volume of analyte before and after aspiration allowing a precise fraction of the sample to be transferred depending on the volume presented in the vial, simplifying downstream processing. Precision plunge control with fully configurable air displacement aspiration profile for the most repeatable extraction of variable viscosity fluids.
Retorque uncapping system provides automated opening and resealing, minimising handling and increasing operator safety, repeatability and reproduceability.

VODBot ViSION is a solution for automating reproducible and reliable extraction from individual vials to a multiwell plate. The computer-controlled aspiration process is automatically fed samples volume, level and other characteristics to allowing the aspirated volume to adjust to a predetermined aliquot ratio or extraction percentage while maintaining dipping depth and enhancing accuracy and consistency.

Post aspiration feedback of tip contents allows automatic extraction assessment and resample.

Data logging and integration of process to laboratory management and quality control and assurance systems, including features such as network integration, internal barcode reading and sample imaging.

ViSION provides a live volume feedback measurement and to extract a consistent sample fraction when the sample input volume varies. Surface tracking provides consistent dipping depth and enhanced accuracy

ReTorque uncapping system provides automated sample vial opening and resealing minimising handling and increasing the operator to sample separation.

Fully configurable and automatic adaptive aspiration profiles to manage higher viscosity fluids, forward and reverse pipetting modes.

Fully programmable and configurable with automatic adaptive aspiration profiles providing comprehensive control for your liquid handling requirements with better than 1% volume repeatability