Standard systems XYris 4000 and 2000 are used by a number of dental research centres. TaiCaan Technologies have specialised in 3-D optical profiling solutions and over the last decade have worked with leading dental research organisations to provide an array of instrumentation, tools and techniques for advanced research into dental wear.

In University research laboratories the XYris systems have been used to measure the electrode performance for ion space thrusters; measure the areas of contact (including data processing links to contact mechanics), in electrical contact, and tribological applications; to measure the flow channel geometry of micro-fluidic devices; to measure wear in sliding surfaces (tribology); to determine the accurate positioning of micro-machined components including MEMs and graphine based devices; to determine the roughness of carbon-nano tube composite surfaces; and 100’s of other important and ground breaking applications. Many of these results are published and available in the scientific literature.


Examples show some of the diverse applications and capabilities possible with the XYris series of surface profilers in the capture and analysis of precision surface data.

Electrical Switching Contact Wear & Erosion


Research in the area of tooth wear has expanded over the last decade linked to reports identifying dental erosion and a growing problem particularly among Western populations where diet and longevity present aggravating factors.