TaiCaan Technologies specialise in the development and production of ultra-precision surface measurement solutions.

Since founding in 2001, TaiCaan’s XYRIS series of surface profilers and BEX analysis software have been been at the cutting edge of what’s possible. Continually advancing – from our own innovations, and close ties with world-leading research Universities, our developments have resulted in top scientific publications, international prize-winning research, and public interest projects.  

Our state-of the-art XYRIS 2020 measurement systems are user-friendly and intuitive to operate – so cutting edge performance is accessible whatever your level of expertise; and robust – offering many years of service with high levels of customer satisfaction. The XYRIS series is versatile in many surface measurement solutions – lenses, microfluidics, MEMS, turbine blades, polymers, castings, fossils, concrete, coins – you name – we’ve measured it. Our application notes describe just some of the many potential applications!

This versatility has led to our solutions being adopted by technically driven companies from a wide range of industries:- from heavy industries, such as automotive OEMs and electrical and electronic engineering, to healthcare, cosmetics, and chemical processing.

OUR MISSION is to supply our partners with solutions to measurement problems that are user friendly and intuitive.

OUR GOAL is to provide you, not just with the most advanced tools and solutions, but an active and ongoing collaboration to transfer our advanced engineering knowledge – to support you, develop the science of measurement, and keep pushing the limits of what’s possible.


Our passion is measurement – you may read “expert in metrology” more than once in our biographies – it’s just because we are! Our team have spent decades carrying out cutting edge research in precision surface measurement because it’s what we love doing. And it’s this drive that allows us to bring the tools and solutions we develop to you. It’s our passion!

John McBride


Professor John McBride is an expert in metrology, nanomaterials, instrumentation and contact theory with over 300 published papers. In 2001 he founded TaiCaan Technologies to develop ultra precision measurement solutions. He went on to found the first international campus of the University of Southampton in Malaysia in 2007, where was based and served as the CEO until 2017. Now based back in the UK full time

Kevin Cross

software lead

Dr Kevin “Kev” Cross is an expert in metrology. He has worked extensively in industry in a wide-range of research and development roles, including vehicle simulation/control, marine instrumentation and primarily surface metrology. Previous academic roles include evaluating X-ray CT for dimensional metrology. His career has focused on software solutions with an emphasis on data analysis and visualisation.  He is TaiCaan’s software lead and CEO.

Thomas Bull

production lead

Dr. Thomas “Tom” Bull is an expert in metrology, particularly microwear in electromechnical and biological systems. His career has focused on invention and innovation in engineering. Highlights include winning the Young Inventor of the Year, developing the worlds first systems for measuring in-situ nanowear in MEMS switches and founding companies providing IT database solutions. At TaiCaan he consults and advises for academic and industrial metrology research and leads the design and development of the XYris platform.

Yan Yang

Business Development

Professor Yan Yang has more than 10 years’ academic experience in technology development. Her expertise is in early stage technology development, technology innovation and commercialisation, business and internationalisation strategies. A professor in Engineering and an MBA graduate from Henley Business School. She was previously a researcher at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). She is TaiCaans business development lead and COO.