TaiCaan Technologies develop and manufacture solutions for ultra-high precision surface measurement and analysis.

TaiCaan Technologies specialise in the development and manufacture of solutions for ultra-high precision surface measurement and analysis. Founded in 2001, our flagship series of XYris three-dimensional (3D) measurement systems are available as ready-out-of-box suites.

TaiCaan work closely with all our customers to ensure you get the solution you require. Our standard software suite provides tools to program your own automated measurement sequences, enabling you to perform repeat or automated measurements and analysis at the touch of a button. In some cases your measurement or analysis needs may be unique, requiring the development of a bespoke system. Fully customised and automated systems can be developed for your precise needs, saving you time and money.


TaiCaan Technologies offers a range of Ultra-precision metrology systems. The XYRIS series. We also provide customised product designs, to meet specific applications.

TaiCaan Technologies has developed the surface metrology software tool Boddies EXtreme (BEX). The software is easy to use, generates impressive surface images, and provides the user with the Key (ISO) surface parameters.


Do you have a requirement that doesn’t necessitate your own measurement system?

Take advantage of our wide industrial and research experience to meet your goals.

Examples of our customised designs and systems are:

A specially designed 4 axis, including one rotary axis for Jotun, an international paint company; to allow the measurement of the performance of marine paint.

A unique and ground breaking 3 axis cylindrical scanning system for the mapping of the sound carried on early (pre-1900) cylinder recordings. This work in collaboration for the UK national Science Museum has been the subject of BBC interviews on radio and Television. A system is planned for installation in the Museum in 2018.

A unique 4 axis air-bearing system including 1 rotary axis, designed for the British Library in London. The system was used to map the surface and retrieve the sound from the earliest sound recording in the UK. This work is noted in the New York Times Bestseller “1000 Places to See Before You Die”, a first for a metrology company.


A wide range of motion stages are available that allow the user to design the system for their own application. 

Consult us for your design requirements.